Friday FAIL

This one comes from Shannon over at One Of Those Memories

She tells me that not all parents in Canada are like this.  I believe her because no one can top the parents that come out Florida!

You can’t tell me that you didn’t think that your kids wouldn’t shoot their pellet gun at other people.  Why you would allow them to even shoot the gun in the car is beyond me.  For that, this mother gets this week Friday FAIL.


KELOWNA, B.C. — Kelowna RCMP are shaking their heads after a mother let her five children shoot pellet guns from their moving vehicle.

The mother admits she was aware of what they were doing, but thought they were just shooting at road signs.

A Kelowna man says the kids pointed a gun at him and shot his vehicle as their vehicle passed. He called police Tuesday.

RCMP seized three pellet guns from the children, aged 11 to 16, and say the replicas look very real from a distance.

Police say no one was injured, but they believe the potential was enormous for a serious incident.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development will be contacted as part of the police investigation.

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  1. Definitely a FAIL. Yes even in Canada we have a redneck contingency.

  2. Lawdy! So would that be considered a drive by shooting and gross vehicular stupidity by the mother?

  3. The next article will be about the kids shooting themselves. It’s good because it gives me another mom I can hate over at

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