A Great One Year Story!

I woke up today not even knowing what the significance of the day was.  I woke up to the sounds of the chipmunk grunting in the baby monitor.   Knowing it was not a good sound I crawled out of bed in my zombie state, wondering why I didn’t take my contacts out last night.   I make my way to the source of the grunting and see him sitting in his crib talking to himself, and upon first glance through my haze covered contacts it was nothing.  I then get closer, look down and see something new, something I’ve never seen in his crib, between his legs.

As a parent, when we start to wonder what this new thing is, it is never good.  Remember, I am still in my zombie like state, and my vision hasn’t all come in yet since I left my contacts in for some reason.  The item has a greenish/brown tint to it and seems to be spread around a little bit.  This is when I realize what it is.

I immediate pick up the chipmunk, who’s leg is covered in the substance.  Take him to the changing table, which doesn’t have a changing pad cover on it, because I was lazy about 3 weeks ago and never put a new one on, which proved to be the first major mistake.  I lay him on the changing table.  I couldn’t even get to the onesie buttons without getting my hands on the substance, so I strap on my gas mask and industrial strength gloves, I almost look like I was in the movie the Hurtlocker as I bend over to grab another diaper in preparation of cleaning up this Hazmat situation.  I pull the contaminated onesie off and throw it in the trash, OK that’s where I wanted to throw it but I threw it in the laundry.  The diaper however, right in the trash.

© The Rookie Dad

Upon getting the chipmunk changed, I then have to go gather the other contaminated items which are the sheets from the crib and the cover on the changing pad, why we have to have a cover to cover the changing pad cover is beyond me.  Wipe them clean and throw them in a plastic bag.   The smell coming from the substance was enough to take a person out, but being a parent with my gas mask on I knew I could handle it.   Once the items were in the plastic bag, I am able to remove my hazmat suit.  Gather my breath and take the chipmunk out into the living room where he has learned to read books on his own, who needs “Your Kid Can Read” when Hot Mama is a teacher right?

I sit down at my laptop and find the picture that I pst post for wordless Wednesday, which I am always a sucker for any pictures of me and the chipmunk together.   I begin to wonder through out my older post and find out that today is my one year anniversary of my blog!  154 posts, 2 times Freshly Pressed, 1 blog name change later here I am, into the brunt of being a parent and sharing stories about poo like the one I just shared.  I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Next stop: Blogger Idol! HAHA!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Your blog is precisely one day younger than my little one!

    Oh, and diaper fails are the worst. Especially in the crib…ugh!

  2. Happy anniversary!

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