I am a Parent

There was an open bar, which was my dream along with my father in law’s.   All the beer we could both want for free! That is any mans dream right?  I’m sitting there drinking my beer at the table before the reception in the waiting room with a diaper bag over my shoulder and this was when it hit me… I am a parent.

© The Rookie Dad

There I was sitting down at a round table, eating great catered food.  Beer on the table, the chipmunk is also eating his Gerber Graduate Puffs.  We were buying time until one of us had a free hand to be able to feed the chipmunk his gourmet Apples and Cherries baby food.  I keep putting more of the puffs for him and then the puffs end up next to my beer.  I thought how ironic that a baby item is next to a beer.  That is when it hit me… I am a parent.

It is toast time at the reception.  Everyone finds their seats.  As soon as grandma comes back with the chipmunk she tells us that he is wet… and she is too (payback for what is coming up)! So since this was Hot Mama’s occasion she wanted to go to, I take the chipmunk and wind my way through the tables with baby in hand and diaper bag in the other.  On my way to the bathroom, another dad nods at me with his child in his lap like he knows what I am going through.  I nod back.  I go into the bathroom and find the pinnacle of all changing tables, it was a stainless steel padded changing table!  I change the chipmunk and head back to our table.  When I reach our table, I say, “I was impressed, the changing tables were padded and Stainless Steel!” I realized at that moment when I was impressed with how the changing tables were…. .I am a parent!

We hand the chipmunk off to grandma.  We go off and do some socializing with some friends she hasn’t seen in a while.  During which time wedding cake is served.  We come back and sit down and wonder where our wedding cake is.  Grandma proceeds to tell us that she fed the chipmunk wedding cake… and then proceeded to quench his thirst with a little iced tea! I told her immediately that she will be up with him all night long now that my 9 month old son has had sugar and caffeine!  Then it hit me again… I am a parent!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I’ve had moments like these all the time!

    Part of me still feels like a teenager (I’m only 24), and it blows my mind that I have responsibility for a little human being. It’s a humbling experience.

  2. Ha! I am out of town at a work meeting and one of the girls brought her 8 week old son to the bar and I held him on my shoulder for an hour and drank a beer!

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