Rookie Moments

I haven’t had many of these “Rookie Moments” as a dad but in the past two weeks I have had two of them… one not so significant problem and one that turned out just plain awful.

The first one Hot Mama caught.  I have changed many diapers since becoming a dad, the first one I ever changed I put on backwards in the hospital.  I have probably changed more now then ever wished have changed and ever thought I would change at this point in my life.  But this one was a dumb moment of mine.  I totally screwed up a diaper.  Flaps were flapping in the wind on the diaper. The velcro strap was scrapping the chipmunks stomach, it was bad.

Alright so there is rookie moment number 1.  Not so bad right? Now rookie moment number 2 is a lot worse.

My wife and I go to the coolest store on the planet next to any outdoors store, Bed Bath and Beyond.  We were there to get the only thing you get in the store, a wedding gift.  Ok not just that but also a few organizational things for our house.   The chipmunk was starting to get fussy and I decided to take a chance and go change his diaper.  The reason I say “chance” is because in most places that I have been to and gone to change his diaper, the mens room does not have a diaper changing station.  Why, I don’t know? Sexist? Yes.

I’m in the bathroom with the chipmunk and he is incredible, the best a baby can be during a diaper change in public.  I was trying to a talented dad and not put the diaper bag down, which I accomplished.  I end up putting the diaper in the wet bag, stuff it in the diaper bag and we end up going about our business shopping again.

Fast forward to Tuesday (we went shopping on Friday), I am tweeting with a bunch of other dads and this is when How To Be A Dad tweets their diagram of Types of Diaper Loads.   Upon seeing this, I find out that the particular diaper was a Nuclear Nugget.  I then realize that I had left the diaper in the diaper bag and it has been sitting there since Friday!  It is now Tuesday and it is still sitting in the diaper bag! I am considering just throwing the diaper away and buying a new one.

I would put this as tomorrow’s Friday FAIL but I am going to make fun of myself again tomorrow.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. What do cloth diapers cost… I only used disposable. Please don’t shoot me for ruining the environment.

    • We aren’t environmentalist by any means. So if you use disposable I don’t care. They run about $17 bucks a pop and we have 24 of them to get through a couple of days. We did it because we end up saving a TON of money. Do a search for cloth diaper on my blog and I have a bunch of posts that I wrote about the subject.

  2. I can’t say I can relate on that specific subject, but I’m sure everyone has rookie moments to begin with. Parenting is definitely one of them. I’m sure things will get better.

    …I do agree with getting a new diaper bag. It might be for the best.

  3. OMG! That must smell terrible! That is a colossal fail! It is a rookie mistake, the only thing worse is leaving it in your car! Sometimes it’s worth leaving it in the bathroom trash can!

  4. On the first trip to the pediatrician with my second kid, I made the mistake of leaving the diaper off for about 20 seconds too long.

    Got nailed by the Inverted Exorcist.

  5. And that’s why I opt to use disposables when I leave the house! 🙂

    My rookie moves have all been pretty standard. You know, leaving the house without diapers, or with enough formula; not putting the diaper on properly; and leaving books within reach of my curious little one. She loves to eat books!

    The worst was not accounting for constipation when travelling. She didn’t poop for four days, and when she did, it was catastrophic!! Now, we make sure to feed her prunes whenever we’re away for more than just an afternoon jaunt.

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