4 Week Recap

Dear Chipmunk,

It has been a while since I last wrote you, 4 weeks actually.  You’ve kept us busy in those weeks though! Very busy!  Let me recap everything that you are now doing!

© The Rookie Dad

You’ve got two teeth now! Mom and dad didn’t even see the one that was coming up on top!  We were thinking that the first one would come on bottom but nope it was the top one!  The doctor doesn’t seem to worried that it is coming in on the side.  You wouldn’t do anything straight from the book now would you? Of course not! However, mom and dad are very excited that you are getting your teeth finally! We worried there for a while you would be toothless!

You’ve always been a happy baby.  Even the doctor’s surprised at how happy you are.  You make a friend where ever you go!  The other day in Red Lobster, you were flirting with the ladies in the booth next to us, and one was even blowing a kiss at you.  Something tells me you will be a ladies man… and if your dad has anything to say about it…. ok maybe I won’t say anything, you’ll end up being just like your dad was when he was in jr. high and high school (I turned into a major dork in college).

© The Rookie Dad

You crawl over everything! I mean EVERYTHING! If there is a clear path to a toy that you want… you always chose the hardest route with things you have to crawl over.  I’m sure you just enjoy crawling over things, but I sure hope this isn’t a sign that you will always make things hard for yourself, let alone your parents when you are older! UGH!  The other day you found the green tub that mom uses to store your toys and pulled it over and just crawled in that and played!  The couch cushions are your best friend when we pull the off and let you play with them!

© The Rookie Dad

And your not just crawling! You are showing every single place in the house the mom and dad haven’t (forgotten) to baby proof!  First, you started getting into the video game controllers, and now nothing is safe!  Secondly, you started pulling up on things!  Everything we put on the ottoman, end table, and bookshelf are not safe! We have a hard time keeping you from getting into anything.  Soon, you’ll be walking and we will be chasing you all over the house, and you think mom and dad are worn out now!

UH OH Time to lower the crib (© The Rookie Dad)

The other night, I had visions of you when you were eight or nine years old.  It was kind of frightening actually.  Just thinking that you would be that old is something very scary, mom and dad wish you would stay the way you are.  You are so fun to play with.  But I know that when you are that old we will be able to run out in the yard and play ball.  Hopefully, dad will have a new schedule at work and will be able to coach just like my dad did for me!   Hopefully, as you grow up, you will still be this happy! Mom and dad can only hope.

Your Daddy

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Aw, teeth and pulling up! Now the fun begins. Enjoy those precious moments. My son is almost nine and I still see him as my little baby boo (although he gets embarassed when Mommy even tries to hug him now!)

  2. so sweet, shedding a little bit of a tear!

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