Tales from the Dad Side (Book Review)

This book was on sale at Barnes and Nobel (don’t tell Steve Doocy that who is the author of the book) so I figured I could splurge and spend the 6 bucks.   Steve calls this Misadventures in Fatherhood and well that hits home in this book.   Not only does this relate to Steve but it he strikes the cord with all fathers.  Steve may have more dad experience then me, but I can see myself in the same shoes as he was during the experiences of this book.

My Take

Tales from the dad side is a book that all dads wish they could write.  Maybe I was able to connect more to it knowing that Steve was from Kansas and is part of the TV Industry (although on a network I can’t stand Fox News).    The back of the book is right however, This is a funny book, not some dry Dr. Phil – authored manual with diagrams, lectures, and boring stories about sleeping overnight at one of Oprah’s mansions.  In a nutshell, that statement nails the book.


He touches on topics that all fathers love to talk about sports and sex, not only that he touches on his experiences as a father letting go of his kids as they went off to college and some of the things he is scared of.

There was one point when he was talking about when his daughter went to the hospital and he said that he never wanted to see his child in pain.  I have to say at that point, i started tearing up a little.   With the ear infections that the chipmunk gets I can relate more so now.  There is something about being a dad that makes you want to be the provider and protector.


The one downside to this book is the writing.  If you can get past the cheesy humor then you should be fine.  Steve’s writing style is a little difficult to get used to in the beginning but after a chapter or two I really got into this book.

End All

Every now and then we need to see that other father’s are going through or went through the same things we are going through.  Seeing that other dads are finding the humor out of everything about being a dad.   This was a good break from all the informative books that I’ve read about being a dad.   Which is needed when your dealing with a 7 month old.    Despite the rough writing style, this book brought me to tears and made me laugh out loud at the same time, and for that reason, I give this book The Rookie Dad seal of approval!

You can find this book at any of your major book resellers.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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