Now I Feel Bad

Yesterday was the chipmunks 4 month check-up (we have fallen behind a little due to changing pediatricians) and all was well! Or so we thought.

The chipmunk weighed in at 17 lbs 9 ounces and grew to 26.5 inches.  Growing at a normal pace.

The doctor was doing his normal check-up.  He was very impressed that the chipmunk was able to sit up with some help, at all of his facial expressions, and how well-behaved he is already.  We expressed one thing that he has recently been doing to the doctor.  The chipmunk has reached behind his ear and making what looks like he is feeling his hair motion with his hand.  This development has only been in the last couple of days.   We figured it teething.  Well boy were we wrong.

“His ear doesn’t look healthy” said the chipmunks pediatrician in his Indian accent.  “It looks like he has a middle ear infection… has he been sleeping and/or fussy a lot lately?”

Everything started falling into place.  We told the doc that there was about a week span that the chipmunk wouldn’t sleep at all! He woke up and was screaming bloody murder and that we just assumed it was teething pain.   Over the last week though he has been completely fine!

The doctor told us he must have a high pain tolerance because this should have been hurting him and he shouldn’t be feeling normal.  The chipmunk was as happy as could be in the doctor’s office so all of us were a bit puzzled.   So the doctor has prescribed antibiotics for the chipmunk and hopefully he will start feeling better within the next few days.

It’s so difficult as a parent to hear that what you thought was wrong, is well, WRONG!  I know that this mistake could have been made, and will continue to be made by lots of parents, and there is nothing one could do to keep from feeling like a failure as a parent.   You want to do everything you can do to keep your child healthy but you know he will be getting sick at some point and you would hope that you would know when based on how your little one is acting.   Like I said, it is a more difficult pill to swallow when your original assumption was wrong.

I guess the old saying is true… you know what happens when you assume… you make an ass out of you and me!

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. When I was a baby, something similar happened to me. My parents took me for a check up and they found scar tissue from an eardrum burst that I never showed signs of.
    Things happen, doesn’t make you a bad parent, just chalk it up to learning something about your child.

  2. Don’t feel bad! My daughter NEVER ever shows a sign of an ear infection and she has had 6. You will know now for next time, when he starts acting weird- take him in- it’s probably an ear.

  3. And it will happen again now and then. You are not infallible. No one tells us that with that bundle of joy comes a fully assembled box of guilt!

  4. It is a horrible feeling when you miss those kinds of things. We aren’t raised to spend a heap of time around babies and small people these days, so it’s no wonder each set of parents has to learn afresh – we just don’t have the experience that would have been natural in the past.

  5. I hope the little guy is feeling better soon. I hope he likes the antibiotics. It makes giving it to him much easier.

  6. You’re not a doctor so you shouldn’t be expected to make a diagnosis like one.

    We didn’t make all the connections with our first one either. Thankfully, ear infections are easily treatable (although they reappear a lot). It’s something you really only learn with experience.

    Now with our second, we tend to overdiagnose. It’s almost like analysis paralysis!

  7. Ear infections were always tough on one of my twins. They finally outgrew those but now as they are older there are new things as a parent I can not fix. It is like you said, you want to keep them healthy but sometimes as a parent we have know that we are not able to control it all. And sometimes I wish we could! : )

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