The Night I Ended Up On The Couch!

No,  I didn’t do anything to end up in the dog house (or maybe last night I did).   It’s actually quite funny.  Here is the minute-by-minute analysis of how last night and into this morning went.  I wish I had John Madden here to help me realize where I went wrong.

6:45pm – I call my wife from work just to see how she is doing.  She didn’t answer the house phone or her cell phone the first time I tried calling her so I called her a second time.  She was taking a nap! The chipmunk went to sleep early which allowed her to take the nap.  She says that she tried waking the chipmunk so that he would sleep through the night… but I think they had a diabolical plan to make the chipmunk owe me 2 canisters of coffee! I let her continue to sleep being the nice husband that I am.

11:45pm – I come home to work. Take the trash out since trash day was today.  Slide into bed next to my lovely wife who then brags about her nap.  It was at that moment that I knew I was in for a VERY long night!

Midnight – Pop, Pop, Pop, I can’t fall asleep because that is all I hear Pop, Pop, Pop (more about this later)

12:30am – I end up finally falling asleep

1am – Wah, Wah, Wah! I crawl out of bed and stumble across the house to the chipmunks room.  He is SOAKED! I change him and bring him to our bed, I try feeding him but he didn’t want it.  During that time, I can’t find a pacifier or bottle for the life of me! Did they fall into that black hole or something?

1:30am – The chipmunk falls asleep in our bed… this is where I make a HUGE mistake… I want to have room in my bed so i don’t fall off the bed, I take him to his room and lay him down.  He stays asleep luckily during the process.

1:34am – BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP BEEP. For some reason unknown to me our baby monitor decides now is the time to continually BEEP until I get up and change the frequency.  Not only do I have to change the frequency on our end… I have to walk to the chipmunks room and change the frequency in his room.

1:37am – Finally, I find a frequency that would work.  As I am walking back to bed… BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP BEEP!!! UGH! I have to change the frequency AGAIN!

1:40am – Finally, find another frequency that works.  It BEEP’s again as I get into bed.  I threaten throwing a shoe at it… it stop’s the BEEPing at least.  But it starts going Pop, Pop, POP, POP, pop, pop! UGH!  I toss and turn in bed trying to fall sleep.  I consider using my Make Shift Baby Monitor, but I’m to tired to even think about setting it up.

2am – I give up. Pick up my pillow… as I am walking out of the room my wife asks me what I am doing… I say “I’m sick and tired of that damn baby monitor, I’m sleeping on the couch!”  This might have been the move that left me in the dog house… I left the popping baby monitor in the room with her!

2:15am – I’m finally able to start dosing off and WAH, WAH, WAH! UGH!!! I go into the chipmunks room turn our soother back on and put the pacifier back in his mouth.

2:20am – WAH, WAH, WAH! “OK FINE!” I go get the chipmunk, bring him to the couch with me.  Which I will say I had less room with him on the couch then I did with him on the bed!  I know my wife needs the sleep so that was the basis for the decision to stay out on the couch.

2:30am – Finally, the chipmunk falls asleep! I’m able to finally sleep!

3:00am – WAH, WAH, WAH!  I make a bottle for him but as soon as I get back to the couch the chipmunk is back asleep!

3:05am – Finally I fall back asleep with the chipmunk in my arms.

5am – WAH, WAH, WAH! I’m able to just put the pacifier back in his mouth and we both fall back asleep!

7:30am – Wife leaves for work, she puts the chipmunk in his crib essentially waking him up and me!

7:45am – Start the coffee pot, hit up the bathroom.

8am – The chipmunk is now crying in his crib.  I pull him out bring his exersaucer in the office.

8:05am – The chipmunk is now playing and I am blogging about last night/this morning!

9am – I am ready for cup of coffee #2!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Love this. LOL! He’s totally got his daddy wrapped around his finger! But good for you getting up and taking care of the little dude! Duncan was up at midnight last night because he couldn’t find the paci attached to his clothes. LOL! Whoops.

  2. Fast forward about 16 years and you are on the couch waiting cause chippy is out after curfew. Make friends with that couch!

    • I don’t know that I want to make friends with this paticular couch. It really isn’t the most comfortable. When we replace it… I will want to do the sleep test on it first for the reason you mentioned.

  3. Very funny. Reminds me, for for the first 4 months with my daughter it was me on the couch. Hubby needed to sleep so he could go to work, and the bed was waaay too comfortable to want to get up from.

  4. Oh, do I remember that!

    First, how the heck did our son pee out of his diaper getting everything soaked, but the diaper was dry? We tried to figure out how he was managing this when we started fastening the diaper so tightly his poor belly and the legs were tight…it happened a few times still! We were mystified. had to switch brand of diaper. I’m still convinced he took it off, peed, and then quickly wrapped himself back up!

    Oh that stupid monitor…hissing and making some kind of humming noise!

    At first, my son didn’t want the pacifier and I “trained” him- WHAT was I thinking? Every time it fell out, we had to “break” him from the cycle of pop out, cry, get up every 2 seconds. With my daughter…no pacifier ever! SHE WAS FINE and slept through the night…oh, if I could only go back into time! 🙂


  5. Hey,

    It’s very funny 😉

    Kandra Christiansen B
    Baby Monitor Reviews

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