Ninja Dad

He comes at night when you least expect Ninja dad to come out.  The baby cries. Ninja dad jumps into his slippers and grabs diapers like they are Shuriken.

He walks out of the room and into the dark obis that is the house.  He stubs his toe on the baby carrier that is always there every night, but ninja dad doesn’t cry, scream, or yell!

He walks right into the bouncy seat and that someone told him to take down to the basement.  But ninja dad doesn’t fall.

He hits the door frame to the hallway of the baby’s nursery.  Ninja dad begins bleeding from the forehead in defeat.  But ninja dad keeps going.

He makes it into the nursery to the crying baby.  Changes the diaper, feeds, and puts baby back to sleep.  Ninja dad celebrates and makes his journey back to his own bed.

He hits a tub of clothes that someone told him to take to the basement with the bouncy seat.  Ninja dad is starting to get upset.

He hits the baby carrier yet again and wonders “why do we keep it right outside of the bedroom!” Ninja dad is starting to steam from rage.

He crawls back into his bed and starts to fall asleep, but the baby has another idea.   Ninja dad tries to put the pillow over his head but the baby still cries!

He wonders if all of this is a bad dream.  Ninja dad’s wife nudges ninja dad since it is his night to take care of the baby.

He makes his journey back to the nursery.  Ninja dad misses all of the obstacles this time remembering his journey 5 minutes ago.

He decides to take the baby to his bed with him.  Ninja dad stubs his toe again on the tub of clothes and wobbles around but never dropping the baby.

He hits his foot again on the baby carrier and loses his balance.  Ninja dad avoids hitting the baby’s head on the wall.

He makes it to bed and slides baby between ninja dad and ninja mom.  Ninja dad falls back asleep and all is forgiven.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. your loving wife

    aaaaaaaahahahahahah! Sorry it was such a rough night, babe. I love you! You’re a great Dad!

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