The Blowout

Before I tell you this story I’m going to tell you how it ends and then backtrack.

The chipmunk ended up making his pajama‘s full of poo.  Alright, lets go back!

William was playing in his new (well bought on craigslist for $12 bucks) exersaucer.   He loves this thing, except he hasn’t quite learned how to turn in it under his own movement.    He is playing in it with his favorite toy and he coughs… well then right after that we hear another noise,  my wife looks at me asks if it was me.  I’ve learned by now that I can blame anything on the chipmunk noise related but I know that 99% of the time my wife is right in not believing me.   But this time I could say it was truly him.   We had him in a disposable diaper because we were in the process of washing diapers and we are trying to get ride of old disposable diapers that are a size to small for him.   We let him play because we had just changed him into his PJ’s and we were trying to let him wear himself out so that he would sleep.

Well time goes by and he makes the noise again, this time it was deep and wet (insert that’s what she said).   He was getting sleeping and cranky by this time so we decided to change him.   We were even debated who should change him,  we ended up deciding to change him together.

I was in charge of the diaper.  I prep myself.  Wipes – check, diapers – check.  I undo his PJ’s, pull his feet out of them and undo the diaper.  Yes, this diaper was nasty, worse then normal.   It took 5 wipes! But I hadn’t reached the epicenter yet.

I pulled the diaper off and noticed that he got alittle on the pajama’s.  Ok, no big deal we will put him in new ones. Well with future inspection he went all up the back of his PJ’s making them basically a diaper!  For everyone’s sack be glad that I am not the blogger, tweeter (twitterer or whatever you call us twitter users), and Facebooker that takes pictures of these types of things.  Don’t want anyone to lose their lunch over my blog and sue me for what little money we have.

This was the worse diaper change that we have ever had to change.  We’ve had times where he has completely gone through his diaper and peed all over his clothes, but compared to this, that was nothing.

This kid better love us for the things that he is putting us through! HAHA!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Adam has done that more then once! He has this new trick that when he’s in his excersaucer he can pee, totally miss his diaper, miss his pants and create a puddle under him like magic! How do these kids learn these things?

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