I Love You, Man!

Warning:  this blog has nothing to do with parenting or fatherhood!

Yes, I am talking about the Paul Rudd movie!  I am finding this movie very relevant in my life.

Lately, I have been noticing some trends in my life, one of them being a homebody who spends most of my time either watching TV, spending time on the computer, working on my new Couch to 5k, or taking care of the chipmunk.  Where does this leave time for friends? What friends? I would say in return.

Ok here is the deal: I am out of 4 years out of college, married, and one kid.   You would think that I would have a whole lot of friends right? Well your wrong!  I have a couple of close friends one from college who is luckily only 2 hours away and just in the past 2 years the one friend who I had that lived in the nearby area moved to California.  So that left me with well no one.   Yes, I am well liked at work and have people I like to hang out with and talk to at work but I don’t want to hang out with them outside of work because I want work stuff to be left at work.   Yes, I know that makes it more difficult since those are the people I see 4 days of the week.

It doesn’t help that I am more of an introvert and not the type to go to a sports bar to watch a ball game or something like that.   Our neighbors are all older then we are, we are the youngest couple on the block.

With that being said, how do you make friends when you are an adult male?

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Men’s group at Church?

  2. I understand your frustration and concern. As a father of 4 I also find it difficult to have guy friends. The friends I am connected with either live out of state or have families of their own. For now it will be difficult because your son is so young, but as he gets older you will have opportunities (such as through his person interests such as cub scouts, sports, etc.). I have found a few friends by volunteering my time in other services such as community groups or getting involved in local pickup games. I have used Craig’s List to find people looking for pick-up games.

    • Yeah I am looking forward to when he is old enough to play sports, scouts, and things like that because it will be a good way to meet guy friends. When my two best friends come into town I think it’s hard for them to realize how difficult it is to do things considering I am a part time stay at home dad.

  3. I missed this post months back! But here I am into the same issue. In fact I have resorted to getting online and see if I can get into something. But I guess there’s no such thing as manfriend matching LOL. Anyways, good luck and hope to hear any progress.

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