Batting 2 for 3 now!

In the spirit of baseball season I’m hitting an average .666 in the 3 P’s.

I woke up the other day after a long night with the chipmunk, I was running slightly behind as I wanted to wake up sooner so that I could get a run in before leaving for a doctors appointment.  So I quickly get in and out of the shower, then my wife decided to take a shower.  After I was completely ready and waiting for my wife to get out of the shower, the chipmunk decides to wake up.

I walk then walk over to this nursery and pull him out of his crib and proceed to place him on the changing table.  I undo his PJ’s and take the old diaper off.  This was the one time I didn’t have another diaper ready to put on him so I reach down into our basket and pull out a nice light blue diaper for him.  I slide it under him and as I am hovering over him all of a sudden I remember something shooting me in the eye area.  It was luke warm like I was flushing my eye out but I wasn’t anywhere near a water source.   Then my senses come to, and I start screaming backing up realizing that the chipmunk was peeing on me!  After I was done screaming, I remember looking over at the chipmunk and see him smiling.   The wife is yelling at me because she heard me screaming through the baby monitor.

I walk over to our bedroom with the chipmunk happy of his accomplishment and a dad who is slightly sadden that he got peed on.  I tell me wife in disgust that finally after 4 months William has peed on me!  She is absolutely ecstatic that I was peed on.  She has been wanting it to happen time and time again.  If only she was there to see it.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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