Am I losing my mind or the pacifier?

Oh where oh where did that damn pacifier go?  According to wikipedia these things are called dummies, interesting tid bit that might win you Trivial Pursuit some time.  We had 6 of them and now we are down to just one!  I know where another is but I’m to lazy to move the crib and get it.

Seriously, am I just losing my mind and forgetting where I put these damn life savers!  Ok now that I think about it I know where another one is at, I’m up to 3 now!  I feel that I have been losing things left and right clothes, diaper bag, tools, the baby monitor, the chipmunk, my mind!

I say all of this out of love only because we have gone from about 6 pacifier’s to 1!  And right now since the chipmunk is somewhat teething that seems to be the only thing that keeps him happy sometimes.  I tell you the kid now just hums for no reason non-stop!  I almost wanted to let him just scream and cry in another room during the KU game the other day just so that I could watch that in piece and quite.  Come to think about it, I would have rather listened to that then Bobby Knight and Brent Musburger commentate the game, that’s a whole other subject for another blog about a different subject, HA!.  Luckily, he fell asleep so I was able to watch the game had it not been for the one pacifier we have I would have just about lost my mind!

How do you keep track of these damn things?  We use to have a tracking system, a little clip that kept the life saver connected to him via a ribbon.  But that slowly became a hassle trying to keep him from grabbing the ribbon and pulling the pacifier out of his mouth and immediately letting his presence be known.  I would now deal with that hassle just so we keep all of those damn things!

I’m going to build my own control room to keep track of these things.  Computers, Monitor’s all over the place, GPS systems telling me the exact location within 3 meters of the pacifier (ok in order to find them I might need it to be more accurate then that), an alarm system for whenever it goes missing,  the person that would report to me would be called Major Asshole and all of his minions would be called assholes (my Spaceballs reference for the day), and a direct line to the President!  Sounds like a nice little project to have to help me complete our basement.

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Teething is a really difficult time. Stray strong!

  2. they stumble into the black hole of your house. Generally I always found them behind the crib, under the couch and in the BOTTOM of the diaper bag. Do you have one of those little pacifier boxes/holders that they make? Those things saved me. We always kept three in my son’s crib because he would chuck them in his sleep, then roll over and pick a new one! Good luck- if you ever find the abyss you might actually make some money!!!

  3. You need to purchase a KU pacifier clip thingy!!! We were losing ours and we had to invest in a K-State one!

  4. I LOVE IT! It is so true. We don’t have an abyss in our house. We have two theifs named Toby and Wilson who have discovered Adam’s toys are much more fun then their own.

  5. Hahah! Ahhh, it’s nice to see a daddy blogger around. Now- for the bink situation: it sounds like we both have bink-a-holics on our hands… after 15 months of bink addiction I’ve come to realize that there really is no way of keeping track of these things. You just have to buy like 10 of them and when they eventually disappear like the socks in the laundry, you just have to replace them! Although, I do know for a fact that there are about 5 binks behind the headboard of our kind bed… I’m just too lazy to go get the broom and try to swat them out 😉

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