Things I Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day isn’t just about being with who love but it is about what you love. Sure I love my family more then anything but there are other things that I love and love doing. I know most people will be expressing their love to their significant others but my wife and I had to do that early since I have to work today.

Here are just a few things that I love this Valentines day

  1. My Wife. I love her more then anything and would do anything in a heartbeat for her. She is my best friend and confidante. I’m so glad that she chose to live her life with me and I couldn’t ask for more.
  2. My Son. As much as I complain about him on my blog, I love him with all my heart and look forward to the man that he will be someday. I just hope that I am molding him in a way that will make him a constructive citizen of society. He has made me grow up so fast but yet kept me a kid at heart.
  3. My Family (everyone outside of my wife and son). Without their support I wouldn’t be here today.
  4. God… without getting to religious… I think he can speak for himself.
  5. My job. I know that I complain about it alot but I really do love it. I’m glad that I don’t have an office job where I just sit at a computer all day. I like being able to get out and see the world and tell the stories that not many people get to tell. I love that in this economy I even have a job.

And now into the material things

  1. Baseball
  2. KU Jayhawks
  3. Fishing
  4. Blogging (Social Media in General)
  5. My house

Those are just a few of the things that I love… I’m sure that my wife could name of a thousand other things that I love but those are just the ones that pop into my head today.

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