A Father’s Son

I never thought I would see the day (atleast in the first 6 months anyway) that William would be more clingy to me then to his mother.   Truthfully, I was content in the fact that he would be always with his mother and that she would be the only one would be able to comfort him until he is about year old.

William and Daddy sleeping on the couch

He shocked me the other day when he wanted me! He was happy as soon as daddy held him.  I don’t know what it is.  I’m not sure if it’s that I play with him alittle rougher then mommy does or what.  Do I have a special way of holding him that no one else does?  I don’t know!  I know he loves sleeping with me.  Which isn’t a problem for me but is for my wife because when he is sleeping in our bed with me she doesn’t get a chance to sleep very well because she is so worried about me either rolling over on him or him falling off the bed.   No matter what I sleep like a rock so I probably wouldn’t know that she isn’t sleeping well right?  But the mother instinct in her keeps her awake and wakes her up with every noise that comes from William when he is in bed with us.

Since he is so clingy to me, it kills me even more so now to be going to work 4 days a week.  I think about him and my wife all day wondering how they are doing and only hoping that William is being a good child.

I thought all along that he would be a mommy’s boy.  I feel bad because sometimes she doesn’t know what to do and neither do I but when I just try something it seems to work.  When she just try’s something it doesn’t work either.  I know that she feels like a bad mother because she can’t provide for him in the ways that he needs… I just want to let her know that… she is not a bad mother.  She is quite possibly one of the best mothers.  She is trying and that’s all that matters.  William knows that she is trying.  William is just as equally upset that he can’t communicate with mom to tell her exactly what he needs.  Not that I know what he needs either.

But on a different topic. William will finally get to meet his Aunt Amy this upcoming week.  She has been gone studying in Russia and is flying in just to see him.   I could tell the other night that William was excited when we were Skyping with her because he was smiling alot to her on the computer screen.

(I do apologize for not blogging as frenqently as before. I’m sure many parents will understand that it is rather difficult to find time to do things when you are taking care of a newborn)

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. It is a proud moment for a dad when their child wants them instead of their mother however you do feel bad for mom. New parents never know what they are doing and in the end hope for the best. Trust yourself and your instincts. I am sure you both are doing a great job.

    • I will agree that it is a very proud moment for the dad. But for the mom on the other hand she will take it for a couple of days and then she starts to think she is a bad mother. But it doesn’t matter what a mother does they always feel like that because if they hold them when they are crying they are a bad mother, if they let them cry they are a bad mother. I feel for my wife because she gets its from both sides and there is nothing I can do about it, but she does feel bad whenever he chooses me or her. The nice thing however she has the trick to getting him to go to sleep at night and I’m good for getting him to sleep at nap time so its a nice trade off.

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