Alittle Convincing

Thinking William

We took our first big road trip this past weekend to go to a wedding about 2 hours away.  This would be the first time we would see alot of my friends since Nov. 8th D-day 2010.   More on how the trip went in a later post.  But I realized in this trip that I have two type of friends… the one getting married and wants to start a family right away and the one who has been married for a while and the wife wants kids but the husband doesn’t.

Let me just say that I feel for my friend who doesn’t want kids right now.  There is no way he is going to win since his wife wants them!  It was funny to watch her come over during the rehearsal dinner and just beg to hold little William.  I’m not going to say no to something like that.  But knowing how my friend feels about kids is one of the reason’s I apologized to him.  Just knowing that this his wife is holding a kid and wanting one and that he doesn’t does make myself as a father feel bad for both people.

At the same time knowing that I was apart of starting a family made me finally realize how much this was all worth it.   You can look into the future and know that you can see yourself out in the back yard playing catch… the problem is he wasn’t wanting to wait that long.  He wanted his kid to be 5 or 6 years old right off the bat so that he could do all of the fun stuff with him.   I had to tell him that I am looking forward to that time too but you have to grow and mold his mind.  This is the times that mommy enjoys because she gets to spend the time feeding and dressing him but then later on his life we as the dad’s get the time to play with him.

Finally got my friend to hold William

I also told him that no matter your thoughts on raising a child you will still miss the time he is two weeks old and you get to hold him.  Luckily later I finally got him to hold little Will but that was only because I forced him and just walked up and handed Will to him.   His wife told us later that in the middle of next year they are going to give it all a shot and we are going to have another fine man into the ranks of fatherhood.

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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