Week 40 – Finally

WE’VE MADE IT! To a full term pregnancy that is.  The doctor didn’t think we would make it this far but this kid has decided he is going to come out already knowing how to read, write, talk, spell, and do math.   Any moment now he can come out in a fitting rage of joy (ok maybe not joy).  As frustrated as we are that we were told he would have made his entrance into the world nearly 3 weeks ago the doctor is just as frustrated.  It looks as thought we will now go past our due date by a week… ok well no later then a week.  We’ve set up an induction just in case between now and then he decides he is just going to be a momma’s boy and stay in there.

It is easy for me to say that having an end point in mind releases alot of stress.  It makes my life alittle bit easier because I can now say on this date it will all be over… but I don’t have to live with a watermelon inside of me for the next week and half.   But lets just say that I’ve now got all the daddy/parent essentials… a nice still camera and now the quintessential all new parent loving video camera!

That’s right… I’m going to be that parent who posts videos of when our son does something only semi-interesting to only us but we all think your interested in it. HAHA Be prepared facebook and youtube! I had to take it one step further and get the entire Adobe Production suite for my computer too.  Being a news photographer I can’t just settle for normal home movies, I’m taking them to the MAX!  Music, Interviews, RAW video, Pictures, Breaking News (ok maybe not breaking news I don’t think you would be really interested that my son just crapped his diaper) My wife thinks I’ve totally geeked out… ok yeah I’m geeking out.

P.S. I’m not sure I’ll go as far as to post the semi interesting video’s only the really interesting ones!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I to am new the the fatherhood club. My son, Kevin Andrew Jackson was born Nov. 3, 2010 and I am exhausted but even more excited. Please follow my blog as I will be following yours. It is nice to meet another new father! I wish and your family the best of luck and congratulations on William James. He is a very handsome young man!!!

    • Welcome to the fatherhood club also! We were due Nov. 2nd not to far off from Kevin Andrew… the excitement takes over… I know i’m exhausted to but so far I’m loving every minute of being a father. It will be exciting to see how our two little ones grow since they are so close together!

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