Week 36 – Frustations

4 weeks until our due date.   At this point in the game is just a waiting game.  The phone could ring tomorrow and our lives could change drastically.

For the last couple of weeks my wife has been suffering through contraction after contraction.  There has not been a regular pattern to them but they have been constantly getting stronger as time goes on.   There are times where the contractions be within 15 minutes of each other and then the next day she won’t have any.   In our birth class they tell us that to know your in labor its that your contractions get stronger and closer together.  Well this is one of those frustrating times where neither is happening.   We don’t want to be that couple that goes to the hospital everytime we think she is going into labor either.  But with no consistent pattern to the contractions it is making it rather difficult to decide when to make that journey up to the third floor of our hospital.

Then we never know what to look for when her water does break.  We had a scare the other night and went into see the doctor.  We were all prepared to be admitted to the hospital and come to find out her water didn’t break.   Since this our first child we really don’t know what we are looking for.  But then when we went into see our doctor to check she ends up telling us that she isn’t as far along as the doc. told us 2 weeks ago.  When we went into see the doc. last time she told us we were 75% effaced and when she checked us this time she said we were about half way there, she didn’t explain that but we took it as we were 50% effaced.  Now doesn’t that seem like we are moving in the opposite direction then we should be?  See the frustration?

As for me what is even more frustrating coming from the man’s end of all of this watching your wife go through all of this and find out that she isn’t getting any closer to getting this over with.  It’s so hard knowing that in all honesty, yes I did this to my wife, and she is having to deal with the pain.  I’ve told my wife that I would gladly take her pain, her contractions, her nausea, her swelling, and all of the other symptoms because for me it is painful watching her go through all of this.  Find me a husband who wouldn’t do that for their wife and I will personally revoke their man card.  It is a miracle what women go through for the 9 months of a pregnancy and then to have them go through the trauma that is labor, tell that it isn’t a miracle?

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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