Week 35 – The Takeover

I love our little guy with all my heart.  But as mentioned in a previous post, he has taken over my space! Everywhere I look there is something of his.  He hasn’t even stepped foot (ok carried) into our house.

He is in our room

He is in our living room!

He has started invading our guest bath!

And this kid is going to have to eat somewhere!

He has to be safe in the car too right?

I truly do love our little guy I really do.  I guess this is just another way of me saying that I was not ready for being a dad just yet.

I’m ready to meet him just not ready to listen to the TV quieter… move to the bedroom to watch my college basketball games (i have a tendency to yell at the TV during them).  One of the things I am looking forward to however… is sharing in my love for my favorite team with him… granted if he doesn’t like them, I’ll enjoy the good hearted rivalry between the two of us (as long as it isn’t K-State or Missouri). I hope that my wife agrees with that idea.  I won’t get into our differences of baseball teams.

I don’t want all my readers to get the wrong impression.  I love him I do… just wasn’t ready to give up some of things that I have had to give up.  But in the same breath I’m glad that I can give all of this up for him because I would do anything for him.  It’s going to be a lifestyle change that I am really looking forward to.

Note:  the time frame for his arrival has been pushed up a month from Nov. 2nd to Oct. 8th.  So I could be a father sooner then expected and handing out my fatherhood and parenting advice sooner!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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