Week 35 – Diapers

This is probably a discussion that many parent’s don’t bother to have, but it all depends on how you look at it and how easy you would like your life to be.

Should we go with cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

Now we had this discussion very early on into the pregnancy.  We had some friends who went into the cloth diapers and we found out that they aren’t as hard as they used to be.

The diapers we have chose are the BumGenius diapers.

BumGenius 4.0 Diaper

One of the things to think about when it you look at the type of diapers you want to use is the cost.  For us when we learned that we would be spending $1200 on diapers a year we immediately knew that we were going to go cloth.   The only down side the cost for the cloth diapers is the up-front cost.  We have spent a total of $300 just to get us stocked up on the diapers so we have enough in between washings.  But looking at spending $300 now verses $1200 a year for three years atleast financially this works for us.

Then there is the environmental aspect of it all. 

ABC News states that 18 billion disposable diapers are thrown into landfills every year (http://bit.ly/aUrw23)

We are not environmentalist by any means, but we do try and do things to help with the environment and if this is one way of doing it, great, and we are making the Earth a better place for our little one in the future.

In the provided link you will see the other benefits of going with cloth diapers.  And since we have not actually used the diapers I can not provide an extensive review of them.  However this will be a great topic to discuss further into our journey of parenthood and review.

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Some advice:

    Since you guys have birthed a son. When its time to change your Williams diaper…

    Open it up and cover his penis with a cloth. This is just in case he decides to pee while your changing him. A dry wash cloth is good, or a hand towel.

    This trick also works for girls as well.

    Dont get too grossed out be his ‘movements’ he’s just doing what we adults do…

    Blessings on your little Mr.!

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