Week 29 – More Reality Checks

There have been many times throughout our pregnancy that reality has set in and smacked me in the face and said “Yo Dude your having a baby!”  Every mother and father go through it.  A mother goes through it probably more then a father.  She has to deal with the constant shifting, kicking, and heartburn coming from our little one.  As a father what reality checks do we have.  Sure we can see our growing wife but is that enough of a check?

When I felt the baby kick for the first time I knew this was real.  The first sonogram, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t see shit!  But when I felt that little bugger kick for the first time that’s when I thought to myself that this is really happening.  Now the little guy doesn’t even like me to put my hand on my wifes belly… he will kick it away.  Not to mention he doesn’t like it when the doctor puts the Doppler on her stomach to check the heart beat, he kicked that one day too, and the second sonogram we got!  Apparently this kid wants his own little space and doesn’t want it invaded! Alot like his father!

Then we have the more superficial reality checks, basically when those checks aren’t coming from something the little kid is doing.  I was watching the second episode of “Parenthood” on NBC and within the first five minutes I realized that, there is a chance I could be dealing with some of the issues that these families go through.   At that time we didn’t know if our little one was a he or a she.  So I was watching all of these families and thinking that any one of these problems could be my own!  Between one of the sons having aspergers another going through puberty you wonder what your going to have to go through as this child grows.

Then the other day, I was listening to the radio and something almost brought me to tears.   And now that we know are having a son this makes it hit even more.  George Strait has his song called “The Breath You Take.” Needless to say if you look at the first couple of lyrics to the song it really makes you think about being a father.

“He looks up from second base, dad’s up in the stands
He saw the hit, the run, the slide, there ain’t no bigger fan
In the parking lot after the game
He said, “dad, I thought you had a plane to catch?”
He smiled and said, “Yeah, son, I did”

I’m not saying this is a dad’s song just because it mentions the word dad.  But since this talks about being able to watch a son play baseball and just knowing that your son is so happy that you were able to come and watch his game despite having a flight to catch.  This shows the true sacrifice that a father takes to his family and to see them happy.   What makes this more real is that I know I am going to be that father.  The one where it doesn’t matter what is going on I am going to drop everything just be able to see him play a game or anything that he enjoys doing.   And to be honest I couldn’t help but shed a tear when I heard this song for the first time.  It hit so close to home.

There will be many more reality checks to come I’m sure.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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